Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grid up your loins to fight for the dignity of women — Capital punishment for rapists?

The latest unfortunate incidence of rape, one of the most common crime against women, in the heart of India has once again outraged the anger and frustration of common men .Whatever happened with the 23 years old girl (Symbolic name-Damini) was heart touching, how could the humanity fall to such a low level, that 6-men in a bus rape, beat the girl in black and blue, assault her with the road and then through out of moving bus along with her friend. After a great hue and cry by common people which made the current govt. so afraid that all the culprits were nabbed. Were the same swiftness and prompt action taken by the police before getting so much pressure and outrage, this incidence along with many others could have been saved from happening along with the lives of many Daminis.The entire nation was praying for the brave girl, she fought till end for her dignity but at-last in the battle of life and death, life couldn’t win.

Delhi, so called Dil waalon ki Delhi, it is where she stands’ will say it is one of the most unsafe places for women in India now. The same incidence can happen with any one, it can be anyone’s sister, mother or daughter.

What was her fault? Was it that she boarded the wrong bus full of monsters with her friend in the world’s largest democracy India? Was it her fault that she was a girl? When I came across this news it reminded me the incidence of last year in Gurgaon when a group of guys tried to rape a girl in the night of new year-welcoming 2012.

I along with my roommate’s grid up our loins to visit India Gate on 22nd Dec. after office hours to support the fight against our current system for swift and harsher punishment against such rape cases. The very morning the action of Delhi police to use teargases and resorting to lath-charge was severely criticized by everybody. Then we again went to Janpath on 23rd Dec. A girl was holding a poster to express her anger towards Delhi Police action:--“You can get raped but not protest against rape”, it made me think of our Delhi Police slogan-“Aapke Liye Aapke Saath, Sadev”,what an irony!

Yesterday morning when I woke up, my colleague cum room-mate Sunny by name was listening to IBN7 live through live streaming on his laptop. He made me aware of the sad news of demise of Damini due to multiple organ failure in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. So we all 3-roommates,me sunny and Sanjeev decided to go to Janpath.I had  some work @Nehru Place ,so after going there with Sanjeev joined Sunny at Janpath, who had already reached there. People from every part of society were present there, without any violence oozing out their anger against this incidence and we were also the part of mass, gall and wormwood to bloody rapists!

It really makes me think that how can guys fall to such a low level ,not only sexually assaulting a girl in a group of 6 but then also with an iron road. Even thinking about the pain the girl had born it makes me feel so bad!When I first time came to know about the gruesome happening with Damini,my immediate reaction and suggested punishment was castration for those culprits. But now I think what would it lead to? Yes, we need very strict laws against rape so that anyone doing this heinous crime could think 100 times before doing this. Also the thinking of society need to be changed, which  unfortunately equally blame the girls in happening of such incidents which is evidently cleared by the unfortunate reaction of the Son of First person of India. I remember one of the poster mentioning lines:--“Even if I walk naked in roads, it doesn’t give guys any right to rape Me.”, very aptly tells the truth. Also the lines told by a girl in Hindi while expressing her anger to the media:--“Hum bhi kai baar unki gandi shaklon ko dekhkr thapar maarne k liye provoke ho jati hain eska matlab yeh thori na hai ki hum thapar maar deti hain”. You are yourself alone responsible for your acts and should not blame others for provoking you in the case of rape!

To sum up I will say (In Hindi):--Chahain koi ladki kitni bhi buri kyun naaa hon or chahain tum usse  kitni bhi nafrat kyun naa krte hon fir bhi uske saath rape jaisi giri hui harket naa to kabhi kro or naa hi kisi or ko krne do!

As per my personal views I firmly support the death punishment for all 6 monsters in this case. There should be swift action in these types of cases, as justice delayed is justice denied. Though I really feel bad that as per current law, one of the main accused in this rape case being a minor will escape the death penalty even if it is being treated as among rarest of rare cases!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

E fax or Green fax or Online fax Review

With the R&D in cloud telephony , the must requirement of having a fax machine, paper & tonner  to send & receive faxes is no long valid! The only requirement is having a valid email id,that’s it.So now one can send paperless fax over internet. No electricity requirement to receive fax!

There are several companies which are providing these solutions. Among them my favorite is Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Ltd., the pioneer in Cloud telephony based solutions in India.
Check out the website
Their main target & beneficiary customer segment is SME.It allows small & medium business owners to receive all important faxes as emails, even in their absence, without a worry about fax machine, telephone line etc.

1)At anytime from anywhere, send & receive paperless faxes
2)A private local number is being provided to the customers for online fax purpose.
3)No maintenance cost required.
4)It is very economic & affordable. It also saves paper, ink and cartridge expense.
5)Real time internet reporting of web faxes provided by about all cloud telephony companies.

How it works:à A virtual phone number is provided to the customer, which is then attached to their email id.When someone calls this virtual number, then it gives a fax tone to the caller & the fax is received by an email as a PDF attachment. Just replying to the email can send a fax back to the sender.

Abhishek Sharma

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cloud telephony --- The future of telephony,voip in advance stage!

Cloud telephony or for a layman called telephony in cloud!
So in this we are marking use of the virtual network as a cloud for the implementation of the telephony solutions.
There are several companies providing cloud telephony services in India including Knowlarity Communications,which is pioneer in cloud telephony solutions in India with a list of revolutionary products...

There are a no. of amazing applications of cloud telephony including.

1)Sending fax through email over internet & even receiving fax as an email directly coming to your email box.So it gives the user freedom to purchase fax machine,& to spend money on paper.It is also known as Green Fax!

2)Calling thousands of users at a time :-- Just imagine the case when you want to broadcast your message simultaneously to a number of persons at a time through a call!As through simple mobile telephone you can call only one user at a time,even by making use of call conferencing services of several mobile operators the counting would be just restricted to 10's of users.But if the count is very large then only cloud telephony has the power to solve your problem.So it's just the future of telephone revolution.

3)When we call a customer care of any big organization or even that of our mobile operator ,we are usually greeted by IVR system (Interactive voice response system). This functionality can be hosted very effectively through cloud telephony.

And there are several more examples,and still several creative minds thinking to explore new dimensions to its applications.

Abhishek Sharma

Monday, October 25, 2010

Letters to Juliet,Jhootha hi sahi and Hisss movie!!

23 Oct,2010(Saturday):--->At last suddenly our plan changed from PVR select city walk to PVR Saket to watch the Letters to Juliet movie(9.45pm show).The movie was nice,slow and romantic love story.Good one to watch!

24 Oct,2010(Sunday):--->As usual the day started with getting up so early @10am.Had the brunch(breakfast cum lunch) @ Jawahar Lal Nehru University Caffetteria and then our plan to watch a movie....
Today we watched the movie Jhootha hi sahi(1.45pm show) at PVR Priya,the movie was OK type.Can be seen once,not as good as Letters to Juliet movie.

I didn't have any plan to go out for watching Hisss movie tonight,though all the planning happened suddenly and at last i was watching the Hisss movie(9.10pm show) at PVR Saket.
hmmm....What to tell about this movie!There was nothing to watch in this movie apart from Mallika(She did the fabulous acting in this movie but in vain as there was no story-line and very poor performance by Jeff Douchette(acted as George and villain in the movie).

So if you are planning to watch a movie then i would recommend you to watch
Rakta Chrita movie,the best among all new releases!!

Abhishek Sharma

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rakta Chritra movie night show (10.30pm) @PVR Priya yesterday!

Yesterday night i along with my room mate (Sanjeev) and Sapan (we did our MBA together) watched this superb action filled movie.The role of Abhimanyu Singh as BUKKA REDDY--i liked the most in this movie!
Those who hate politics and violence should rather not watch this movie.Based on a real story & 2hrs and 13 minutes in length kept me engrossed during the entire spell of time....
I would recommend all to watch this movie.
Though movie is not complete at last we get displayed on the screen that Rakta Chritra 2 releasing this 19th November with a small trailer...
After watching the movie we had an hours discussion based on the theme of the movie.I would not like to mention the story of the movie as its better to watch it without knowing it to enjoy the movie to the fullest that what i think.
As i am a great lover of movies so thinking of watching some movie today @PVR Select City Walk or PVR Saket.Well let us see which way the wind blows.

Abhishek Sharma

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Nokia 5800 mobile got stolen in the Bus,though i somehow collared the bandit(thief)!

Unlike other days,today i was feeling a bit indisposed,woke up @8.45am,still wanted to take slumber!Then somehow i gripped up my lions to get ready & at last set out for the office at 9.20am.Because of the CWG games only DTC buses are running in Delhi.So after changing the bus in Munirka i boarded on another bus on 764 no. route,packed to suffocation like all other buses.When i was taking the ticket from the conductor,a person of about 5'7'' in height and around 60 yrs old pushed me and told me to give him the way.Don't know what made me to take my hand on my pocket,i got astounded and started bellowing regarding the peculation of my mobile and told the conductor to get the doors of the DTC lower floor bus locked!Then suddenly my attension went to the very person,i approached him and told loudely that i suspect you were the marauder!Just in between i heard the sound of someting felling on the floor of the bus and it was just my mobile still switched on! Actually,it was the very old man who had stolen it,as he couldn't got the time to switch it off and the person who was standing behind him had seen him putting the mobile in his back pocket!!
Now my mobile was with me,i heaved a sigh of relief,and thought what should i do with the man just because of his old age i didn't want to beat him as there were many others in the bus ready to do so and finally after giving him a brief lecture to get my frustration removed i let him deboard the bus,though some persons standing beside me were not happy with it.........

So overall i will say it was not a good experience as it made me remember the last yr incident of theft of my nokia N72 mobile in Delhi metro near KarolBhag metro station!!
Anyways whatever happens happens for good.

Abhishek Sharma

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crook movie 6 pm show followed by dinner@ JNU

Hmmmm....Well today was off (now its 00.12am so i should say yesterday!) somehow though there is 6 day working @Eyebridge! so as usual i woke up at around 11am--routine time during weekned,nd just remembered that it was someones bday nd the vry person was our Arjun(He was my batch-mate and a good frnd in MBA ).Again i would like to wish happy bday to Arjun through this blog!
At around 2pm i was free after having my lunch and started getting bored in my room being alone!
So i planned to go out for a movie with a friend and finally decided to watch Crook movie @Pvr Priya.So we were there about half an hour earlier though today it was not looking like saturday as no usual hustle and bustle was there!!The hall was also more than half empty.Though the movie was good i really enjoyed it especially the role of Neha Sharma....Also my friend was watching the movie just to see her.As per me i am a great fan of movies & love to watch all type of movies and most probably would either watch "The Town" movie tomorrow or will go to RPM max Vasant Vihar!

After that we decided to go to Jawahar Lal Nehru University for the dinner as we were having dinner @cafeteria,the bday celebration of a lovely girl was going on there!We had a great dinner and after that i am now back to my room@katwaria sarai.......Trynig to sleep but kya krain kambakath aajkal yeh neend hi nhi aati hai!

From yours only,
Abhishek Sharma

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

@All about Social media optimization and related terms

The methodology of performing the social media activities to make your website visible in the social media (facebook,twitter,you tube etc.),with an intend of attracting unique and quality visitors to your website.

One can do it by following ways--->

1.increase your linkability :-Updating the site regularly.Adding a blog is a great step.

2.Make tagging and bookmarking easy:-Adding content features like quick buttons is one way to make the process of tagging pages easier.

3.Reward inbound links :--I don't agree with it completely.The other website might have been linking to you because of the quality of content on your website.So there is no need to reward the inbound links.

4.Help your content travel :--submitting your content to relevant sites will help your content travel further, and ultimately drive links back to your site.

5.Encourage the mash-up :-In a world of co-creation, it pays to be more open about letting others use your content (within reason). YouTube’s idea of providing code to cut and paste so you can embed videos from their site has fueled their growth

6.Get communities connected

Social media activities may include-->

1. social networking
2. blogging
3. video marketing(on YouTube and other free video sites)
4. article promotions

Note;--->Social media optimization(SMO) ia all about creating the public profiling of the company so that brand awareness of the company could be increased as well as the net traffic to the companies website.It does not include the paid marketing compaigns on social media networks like making use of facebook ads!while these paid viral marketing compaigns are included in social media marketing(SMM).So SMM includes the paid social search while SMO does not include it.

Note:--->SMM(social media marketing) includes SMO(social media optimization) and placing ads on social media.

Note--->SEM(search engine marketing) includes SEO(search engine optimization) and PPC(pay per click) and PPM(pay per million impressions) etc in search engine page results.So SEO deals with the organic or free traffic to the website through search engines while SEM deals with both organic as well as paid traffic to the website through search engines.

Note--->SEO is the subset of SEM and SMO is the subset of SMM.

Note--->Now a days we usually use these terms interchangeably,though in exact meaning they are different!

from the pen of yours only,
Abhishek Sharma

Thursday, September 30, 2010

@Ayodhya verdict

Today at last after a long spell of time the decision regarding most controversial issue between hindu and muslim religious leaders related to Ram janam bhumi vs. बाबरी मस्जिद is out by the Allahabad Hign court.I appreciate the decision taken by the court in which it is directed to split the land into 3 parts-->1/3 for Sunni Waqf Board, 1/3 for Nirmohi Akhara, 1/3 for Ram Lalla.
Now let us see which way the wind blows and how politicians try to utilize this decision for their own benefit! Though Sunni Waqf Board is going to appeal in the supreme court.
As per my personal views,i don't as such believe in any particular religion,but humanity as a universal religion.So for me it matters little what is the decision of the court.As this decision is directly or indirectly giving me nothing!!

Nyways i can say that it is a win win decision for both the parties and i hope that no further political issue is framed based on this decision.

Plz give your valuable openions regarding this burning decision.

Abhishek Sharma

Saturday, September 25, 2010

@ CWG 2010,MTNL 3g,BSNL 3g

Well today all my hopes of watching the CWG opening ceremony were dashed to the groung,following a discussion with a friend who was going to arrange for the CWG passes. :(
Is any one out there going to watch the CWG games!Yaar 1-2 passes ka intzaam toh krwa do.My alternate plan is to go to the Kangra and spend the weeknd there.

At last MTNL finally blocked the trick of using the 3g internet for free.By making use of "mimobitv" as access point(instead of "pps3g").I nearly downloaded 70 GBs of data in about 3 months by making use of this trick and now in search of some new trick!!Would love to share all that with you when my new found trick will stop working.
Anyways if you are not in NCR nd Mumbai,then you can use this trick for superb internet speed!
Purchase a 2g sim of bsnl(himachal).Get it recharged with 274(gprs unlimited topup).Also streaming is free @roaming(only on bsnl network)!!So go to your network settings in your mobile handset and select hsdpa mode(option only available in new 3g handsets especially nokia s60v5 mobiles).If this mode is not coming then select the dual mode.As bsnl is providing the free incoming 3g calls on 2g sims also!And there is no separate access point for surfing internet on gprs or 3g mode(its "bsnlnet") though in mtnl we have different access points(for gprs--"ppsgprs",3g--"pps3g,hsdpa--"ppshsdpa")
So you can now surf the high speed internet(3g speed) with your bsnl 2g sim with such a nominal price
Note-->bsnl 3g unlimited plan costs Rs. 2500/- only!

Plz give me your sugessions to make this page more informative
More hits and tricks will be uploaded soon

Thanks for spending your precious time while going through my blog.
Miss you all my dear friends!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Life @Eyebridge

Let me introduce myself.I am Abhishek Sharma 25m,still single,in search of a nice girlfriend!

I had done MBA(IT-Networking) from LMTSOM Thapar University Patiala 2009 passout and B.Tech. with honours in Computer Sci. and Engg. from H.P. University.
About 5 days back i have joined EyeBridge soft solutions Pvt. Ltd.( in the field of web designing,web development,SEO,SMO,digital marketing) as a business analyst.

Job Description:-
1.To work closely with the customers to understand their business model, requirements and translate them into software requirements document.

2.Responsible for the research, analysis, definition and documentation of requirements for new or existing components of EYEBRIDGE’s application functionality

3.Work with cross-functional groups to coordinate information technology projects, serves as business and process resource.

4.Generate conceptual business model view documentation and assists in defining meaningful data entity definitions.

5.Manage resources in accordance with project schedule

The job is really exciting and the working culture is superb.

Earlier i was in NICSI working their as a project coordinator .There i was was handling the IISFM (Integrated Information System for Food Grain Management) project and the ongoing BPR process.I was also involved in designing the "To be Process" for vender evaluation system and customer feedback process with consultant from Ernst and Young and in implementation of "To be process" into the MIS.

Well friends catch you all at some other time.