Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crook movie 6 pm show followed by dinner@ JNU

Hmmmm....Well today was off (now its 00.12am so i should say yesterday!) somehow though there is 6 day working @Eyebridge! so as usual i woke up at around 11am--routine time during weekned,nd just remembered that it was someones bday nd the vry person was our Arjun(He was my batch-mate and a good frnd in MBA ).Again i would like to wish happy bday to Arjun through this blog!
At around 2pm i was free after having my lunch and started getting bored in my room being alone!
So i planned to go out for a movie with a friend and finally decided to watch Crook movie @Pvr Priya.So we were there about half an hour earlier though today it was not looking like saturday as no usual hustle and bustle was there!!The hall was also more than half empty.Though the movie was good i really enjoyed it especially the role of Neha Sharma....Also my friend was watching the movie just to see her.As per me i am a great fan of movies & love to watch all type of movies and most probably would either watch "The Town" movie tomorrow or will go to RPM max Vasant Vihar!

After that we decided to go to Jawahar Lal Nehru University for the dinner as we were having dinner @cafeteria,the bday celebration of a lovely girl was going on there!We had a great dinner and after that i am now back to my room@katwaria sarai.......Trynig to sleep but kya krain kambakath aajkal yeh neend hi nhi aati hai!

From yours only,
Abhishek Sharma

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