Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Nokia 5800 mobile got stolen in the Bus,though i somehow collared the bandit(thief)!

Unlike other days,today i was feeling a bit indisposed,woke up @8.45am,still wanted to take slumber!Then somehow i gripped up my lions to get ready & at last set out for the office at 9.20am.Because of the CWG games only DTC buses are running in Delhi.So after changing the bus in Munirka i boarded on another bus on 764 no. route,packed to suffocation like all other buses.When i was taking the ticket from the conductor,a person of about 5'7'' in height and around 60 yrs old pushed me and told me to give him the way.Don't know what made me to take my hand on my pocket,i got astounded and started bellowing regarding the peculation of my mobile and told the conductor to get the doors of the DTC lower floor bus locked!Then suddenly my attension went to the very person,i approached him and told loudely that i suspect you were the marauder!Just in between i heard the sound of someting felling on the floor of the bus and it was just my mobile still switched on! Actually,it was the very old man who had stolen it,as he couldn't got the time to switch it off and the person who was standing behind him had seen him putting the mobile in his back pocket!!
Now my mobile was with me,i heaved a sigh of relief,and thought what should i do with the man just because of his old age i didn't want to beat him as there were many others in the bus ready to do so and finally after giving him a brief lecture to get my frustration removed i let him deboard the bus,though some persons standing beside me were not happy with it.........

So overall i will say it was not a good experience as it made me remember the last yr incident of theft of my nokia N72 mobile in Delhi metro near KarolBhag metro station!!
Anyways whatever happens happens for good.

Abhishek Sharma

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