Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rakta Chritra movie night show (10.30pm) @PVR Priya yesterday!

Yesterday night i along with my room mate (Sanjeev) and Sapan (we did our MBA together) watched this superb action filled movie.The role of Abhimanyu Singh as BUKKA REDDY--i liked the most in this movie!
Those who hate politics and violence should rather not watch this movie.Based on a real story & 2hrs and 13 minutes in length kept me engrossed during the entire spell of time....
I would recommend all to watch this movie.
Though movie is not complete at last we get displayed on the screen that Rakta Chritra 2 releasing this 19th November with a small trailer...
After watching the movie we had an hours discussion based on the theme of the movie.I would not like to mention the story of the movie as its better to watch it without knowing it to enjoy the movie to the fullest that what i think.
As i am a great lover of movies so thinking of watching some movie today @PVR Select City Walk or PVR Saket.Well let us see which way the wind blows.

Abhishek Sharma

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