Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grid up your loins to fight for the dignity of women — Capital punishment for rapists?

The latest unfortunate incidence of rape, one of the most common crime against women, in the heart of India has once again outraged the anger and frustration of common men .Whatever happened with the 23 years old girl (Symbolic name-Damini) was heart touching, how could the humanity fall to such a low level, that 6-men in a bus rape, beat the girl in black and blue, assault her with the road and then through out of moving bus along with her friend. After a great hue and cry by common people which made the current govt. so afraid that all the culprits were nabbed. Were the same swiftness and prompt action taken by the police before getting so much pressure and outrage, this incidence along with many others could have been saved from happening along with the lives of many Daminis.The entire nation was praying for the brave girl, she fought till end for her dignity but at-last in the battle of life and death, life couldn’t win.

Delhi, so called Dil waalon ki Delhi, it is where she stands’ will say it is one of the most unsafe places for women in India now. The same incidence can happen with any one, it can be anyone’s sister, mother or daughter.

What was her fault? Was it that she boarded the wrong bus full of monsters with her friend in the world’s largest democracy India? Was it her fault that she was a girl? When I came across this news it reminded me the incidence of last year in Gurgaon when a group of guys tried to rape a girl in the night of new year-welcoming 2012.

I along with my roommate’s grid up our loins to visit India Gate on 22nd Dec. after office hours to support the fight against our current system for swift and harsher punishment against such rape cases. The very morning the action of Delhi police to use teargases and resorting to lath-charge was severely criticized by everybody. Then we again went to Janpath on 23rd Dec. A girl was holding a poster to express her anger towards Delhi Police action:--“You can get raped but not protest against rape”, it made me think of our Delhi Police slogan-“Aapke Liye Aapke Saath, Sadev”,what an irony!

Yesterday morning when I woke up, my colleague cum room-mate Sunny by name was listening to IBN7 live through live streaming on his laptop. He made me aware of the sad news of demise of Damini due to multiple organ failure in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. So we all 3-roommates,me sunny and Sanjeev decided to go to Janpath.I had  some work @Nehru Place ,so after going there with Sanjeev joined Sunny at Janpath, who had already reached there. People from every part of society were present there, without any violence oozing out their anger against this incidence and we were also the part of mass, gall and wormwood to bloody rapists!

It really makes me think that how can guys fall to such a low level ,not only sexually assaulting a girl in a group of 6 but then also with an iron road. Even thinking about the pain the girl had born it makes me feel so bad!When I first time came to know about the gruesome happening with Damini,my immediate reaction and suggested punishment was castration for those culprits. But now I think what would it lead to? Yes, we need very strict laws against rape so that anyone doing this heinous crime could think 100 times before doing this. Also the thinking of society need to be changed, which  unfortunately equally blame the girls in happening of such incidents which is evidently cleared by the unfortunate reaction of the Son of First person of India. I remember one of the poster mentioning lines:--“Even if I walk naked in roads, it doesn’t give guys any right to rape Me.”, very aptly tells the truth. Also the lines told by a girl in Hindi while expressing her anger to the media:--“Hum bhi kai baar unki gandi shaklon ko dekhkr thapar maarne k liye provoke ho jati hain eska matlab yeh thori na hai ki hum thapar maar deti hain”. You are yourself alone responsible for your acts and should not blame others for provoking you in the case of rape!

To sum up I will say (In Hindi):--Chahain koi ladki kitni bhi buri kyun naaa hon or chahain tum usse  kitni bhi nafrat kyun naa krte hon fir bhi uske saath rape jaisi giri hui harket naa to kabhi kro or naa hi kisi or ko krne do!

As per my personal views I firmly support the death punishment for all 6 monsters in this case. There should be swift action in these types of cases, as justice delayed is justice denied. Though I really feel bad that as per current law, one of the main accused in this rape case being a minor will escape the death penalty even if it is being treated as among rarest of rare cases!

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