Monday, September 26, 2011

Cloud telephony --- The future of telephony,voip in advance stage!

Cloud telephony or for a layman called telephony in cloud!
So in this we are marking use of the virtual network as a cloud for the implementation of the telephony solutions.
There are several companies providing cloud telephony services in India including Knowlarity Communications,which is pioneer in cloud telephony solutions in India with a list of revolutionary products...

There are a no. of amazing applications of cloud telephony including.

1)Sending fax through email over internet & even receiving fax as an email directly coming to your email box.So it gives the user freedom to purchase fax machine,& to spend money on paper.It is also known as Green Fax!

2)Calling thousands of users at a time :-- Just imagine the case when you want to broadcast your message simultaneously to a number of persons at a time through a call!As through simple mobile telephone you can call only one user at a time,even by making use of call conferencing services of several mobile operators the counting would be just restricted to 10's of users.But if the count is very large then only cloud telephony has the power to solve your problem.So it's just the future of telephone revolution.

3)When we call a customer care of any big organization or even that of our mobile operator ,we are usually greeted by IVR system (Interactive voice response system). This functionality can be hosted very effectively through cloud telephony.

And there are several more examples,and still several creative minds thinking to explore new dimensions to its applications.

Abhishek Sharma

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